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Grand re-opening at Ashford Designer Outlet as Nike store makes a return

The Nike store at Ashford Designer Outlet is set for a grand re-opening as it re-opens it’s doors to customers after undergoing four months’ worth of refit works.

The store, that has been closed since September, has expanded it’s interior with 2,500 sq ft of shop floor being added.

Lewis, an employee at the store is very happy to hear that the store is finally re-opening.

“It’s amazing news to hear that we are going to open to the public once again, there’s been a lot of work on the store and I can’t wait for the customers to see and have an improved experience.”

Amelia, a local student in Canterbury has shared her opinion on the re-opening.

“I think it’s a perfect time for them to re-open as it is just in time for the Christmas period, it will definitely attract a lot of the younger generation and give them brilliant present ideas.”

“Although I do worry that such a big store will be at risk of becoming a local hotspot for antisocial behaviour in such a renowned place for crime.”

Given a new name, The Nike store will now be called Nike Unite, encouraging all athletes to unite.

Photo Credit: The media library