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Karen Carpenter tribute musical coming to Canterbury theatre

A musical based on the late singer Karen Carpenter from the band ‘The Carpenters’ is coming to Canterbury this December.

The production of ‘Yesterday Once More: The Karen Carpenter Story’ is being brought to the Gulbenkian theatre in the evening of Friday 7th of December.

The tribute act is set to play some of the Carpenters most memorable tracks from their peak popularity during the seventies such as “We’ve only just begun” and “Close To You” and many more.

Karen and Richard Carpenter in 1972.

Karen Carpenter is to be played by a Soprano from Kent, Rebecca Robinson and her brother, Richard Carpenter is played by talented pianist Mark Heller.

The duo seeks to play tribute to the timeless band and remember the beautiful vocals of Karen who tragically passed away in 1983 after losing her battle with anorexia.

The pair have been touring the UK with their production and are hitting the Gulbenkian at  7:30pm so order your tickets fast.

Tickets are available at: