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Up to 40% of sugar to be removed from Kellogg’s cereals

In an effort to reduce the amount of sugar being consumed by the nation, and in response to the Sugar Tax, which will formerly be introduced in April 2018, Kellogg’s will cut their sugar content.

The sugar-content in Coco Pops will be halved, Rice Krispies will face a cut of 20% and Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Shapes will be cut by 30%.

In a press release published today (30th of November 2017) Kellogg’s stated that they have “been able to do this after its food development team came up with clever ways to maximise flavour by using the simple ingredients of cocoa and grains to maintain taste, while reducing sugar, without using artificial sweeteners”. Alongside this, Kellogg will strive to lessen the salt content of their breakfast items too, “From the start of 2018, it will reduce salt in Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal in the UK by a further 10 per cent and in Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Shapes cereal in the UK by 50 per cent”. Not only this but, “While Kellogg UK does not use artificial colours, over the next year the company will remove all artificial preservatives from its breakfast foods”.

Oli Morton, Managing Director of Kellogg UK added, “We will continue to listen to people about how we can improve our food”.

Kellogg have also stated that in the near-future they will be launching “a new plant-based cereal range called WK Kellogg which includes no added sugar, low sugar, organic and vegan option” for those of varying dietary requirements.



Kellogg’s Frosties is by far the cereal with the most sugar, at 37g per 100g. This equates to 8.8 teaspoons of sugar. That’s a lot of sugar if you are feeding your kids this before school every morning, and no wonder that the nation are ever-growing.

The NHS said, “It’s vital that they get this energy from nutritious, healthy food, and not from foods filled with fat and sugar”, as well as this they advise parents to cut their children’s salt content. Which should be slightly easier when Kellogg’s come through with their promise to reduce salt in Kellogg’s Rice Krispies and Multi-Grain Shapes bye 10%, however this is in only two cereals and not their whole range. Kellogg’s also vow to stop making Ricicles in January of 2018.

Featured photo courtesy of Binyamin Mellish from Pexels.