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Kent Man Jailed for Domestic Violence


A Folkestone man has been given a two-year prison sentence for the use of controlling and coercive behaviour against his former partner.

36-year-old Jan Horvath originally denied the accusations but pleaded guilty after Kent Police presented evidence during his Crown Court case.

His victim, a 22-year-old Dover woman, contacted the police in July 2016 to report a string of abusive incidents at the hands of Hovarth.

Hovarth’s emotional abuse which included stopping her from seeing friends, not allowing her to wear makeup, calling her offensive names, plus several violent and threatening incidents, began in 2015.

He pleaded not-guilty at his preliminary hearing at Canterbury Crown Court in September last year, but changed his plea to guilty at second hearing on the 4th January 2017.

Judge Heather Norton sentenced Horvath to 24 months in prison, but reduced the sentence by three months for his guilty plea.

Norton ordered that he serve half the sentence in custody and the remainder on licence. He is also subject to a Restraining Order for five years to protect the victim and her family.

Detective Constable Keith Rochford from Kent Police said: ‘This is the best possible outcome for the victim, who suffered months of domestic abuse at the hands of Horvath, but did not have to re-live her ordeal by giving evidence in person, in court.

‘Horvath was prosecuted using the new offence of ‘controlling or coercive behaviour in an intimate or family relationship’ that only became law in the Serious Crime Act 2015.

‘I am pleased with the result and that this offender has been brought to justice and that the victim will hopefully be able to move forward and rebuild her life. ‘Domestic abuse is a serious matter and one we will always investigate thoroughly and sensitively putting the victim first at every stage. Nobody should have to suffer this behaviour, so if anyone is concerned about a relationship I would urge them to contact police, or seek help from the Kent and Medway Domestic Abuse Service.