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Kent Police react to shocking speeds

New speeding figures flag up risk of motorists’ ‘fatal four’ on Canterbury roads warn Kent Police.

This comes after data from a Freedom of Information request last week revealed that drivers travel up to four times over the speed limit.

A spokesperson for Kent Police said: “Speeding is one of the ‘fatal factors’ that contribute to the highest number of road collisions resulting in deaths and serious injuries, along with not wearing a seatbelt, driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs, and using a mobile phone or other electronic device at the wheel.

“Tackling each of these offences is a priority for Kent Police, and officers proactively target those who put other road users at risk.

“Our message to all motorists is a simple one – protect yourself and others by sticking to the speed limit.”

Picture: Google Earth

Data showed drivers on Rheims Way sped the fastest on this road eleven months out of twelve last year, with one driver speeding up to four times over the limit.

Kent County Council’s Road Safety Team, who educate people through training and campaigns, also warned of the dangers of speeding.

Safer Road Users Team Leader, Lorna Smith, said: “The team advise road users about risks related to the fatal four; speed, drink or drug driving, in-car distractions such as mobile phone use and how failing to wear seat belts can increase the severity of injury for vehicle occupants.

“Driving faster than you should means you have less time to process and react to what is happening on the road and people don’t realise that the distance you require to stop in, increases.

“Educating drivers and riders as to the consequences of speed is one way to influence safer behaviours.  We need to change our thought process about speed, it is a limit and not a target.

“Reducing speed will result in reducing the number of casualties killed or seriously injured on our roads.”

Featured picture: Unsplash