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Latest figures show five areas in Kent where COVID cases are on the rise

COVID-19 numbers have remained low across the county for quite some time now, however latest figures show that cases are increasing in some areas in Kent.

Levels of coronavirus have risen in five areas in Kent – but are still low nearly two months since lockdown restrictions were eased.

The biggest increase in Kent was in Sevenoaks, where cases almost doubled from 15 to 27 in a week.

Numbers have also jumped in Dover, Maidstone and Folkstone & Hythe.

Nevertheless, every area remains below the target of 25 which was set by Kent’s Director of Public Health Andrew Scott-Clark. He explained that below 25 is a level where he’d feel “comfortable” to proceed with further lockdown easing.

Although numbers are extremely low, it’s still worrying to the public that the virus is still there and there could be a third wave.

At one point Folkestone and Hythe recorded just two cases in a week, but the numbers are creeping up slowly.

COVID cases in Kent dated 6 May. Data taken from Kent County Council website