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Manston Airport plans to be reviewed further as High Court grants bid

The High Court has granted a Judicial review for the ongoing plans at Manston Airport in Thanet.

The government granted permission last year for a project that would make Manston Airport into an air freight hub.

Opposition to the plan

Case owner, Jenny Dawes set up a crowd justice funding page for legal fees in support for this Judicial review of Manston Airport and raised £118,951.

Her campaigns and many others arguments against the Airports redevelopment is the current climate issues and could impact the governments carbon reduction targets,

The judge in the hearing yesterday also said further review in writing must be submitted regarding Climate change and the project.

The page is shared on Twitter:

Mixed reactions

The decision has faced dispute and caused mixed opinions since the air freight plans for the Airport were proposed. It is the second time these plans haver has been reviewed.

North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale said this news is Bitterly Disappointing

Twitter speaks

There are pages in support of the restoration of the airport @KIAMANSTON and is named ‘Mansion Airport’ that is celebrating the past of the Airport and encourages a future of aircraft there.

Another page is @SaveManston and advocates for the restoration of the site being used for freight.


Many tweets over the last few weeks on Manston Airport:



Reaction to Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale’s support for the Airport re-opening:

This review is likely to cause development delays to the project and this may mean that the Airport may not be in action until 2026.



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