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Margate café owner to open new vegan hotel

A vegan restaurant and hotel will open in Margate High Street.

Owner, Paul Blayne, also owns Beet Bar which is located in Margate Old Town.

The hotel is exclusively vegan. This means using only vegan friendly bed sheets, pillows, soaps and other toiletries.

Plans for the building have been approved by Thanet council and will include a restaurant, rooftop terrace area and a third floor extension.

The opening of the five-bedroom hotel is one of many events cancelled due to COVID-19. Find more Kent related COVID-19 news by clicking here.

It will be located at 21 High Street, home of the former Hooked on Books store.

The work is currently on hold due to COVID-19, but managers hope it will resume construction soon.

Mr Blayne wants to move Beet Bar, which is also in twine with a two-room bed and breakfast called Beet Beds, to the high street shopfront.