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‘Move Together’ initiative launched in Kent and Medway

A new ‘Move Together’ campaign has been launched in Kent and Medway which aims to increase physical activity.

The four year strategy will support people who are already active as well as tackling the inequalities which are preventing some people from enjoying the benefit of being active.

The latest Active Kent survey showed that one in four adults are inactive across Kent and Medway.


The new strategy comes after a consultation and collaboration between partners and members of the community.
Liz Davidson-Active Partnership Director (Credit: Active Kent&Medway)

Liz Davidson, Active Partnership Director said: “It has been pulled together by Active Kent and Medway on behalf of all the key stakeholders across the county, so it’s a county wide strategy.”

When asked about the reaction from the campaign she explained that there had been a positive response.

“Really really positive, lots and lots of pledges straight off the bat, which is really really pleasing, and we’ve had a lot of positive feedback from key stakeholders.”

This video explains the campaign in greater detail:


Liz Davidson discussed the new initiative and how it will benefit both your physical and mental wellbeing:


Mike Hill, Kent County Council’s (KCC) Cabinet Member for Community and Regulatory Services said: “Improving people’s lives through sport and physical activity can only be achieved through collaboration and partnership working.

“This strategy sets out how we can all work together so everyone, whatever their age, gender, background, ability, or circumstance can enjoy the benefits of being active and playing sport.”

KCC Director of Public Health, Dr Anjan Ghosh, said: “I am excited to pledge my support to this fantastic initiative.”

Headcorn Cricket Club added: “The support will enable us to increase and improve our playing facilities to support our current and future demand, and help create a more attractive environment to encourage players and spectators to enjoy a club which has been at the centre of the community over the last 150 years.”


You can view the full strategy here.


Feature Image: Credit- Active Kent&Medway