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Operation Castle comes to an end

By James Hind

Kent Police are reminding the public that their home security is an all-year priority despite their 3 month campaign ending.

The campaign which ran from October till January was intended to cover the darker months where there are usually and increase in break-ins.

This years campaign’s aim was to promote crime prevention techniques which were posted on the force’s social media accounts.

Chief Inspector Stephen Barlow of Kent Police said: “Even though Operation Castle has come to an end, our efforts to prevent burglaries from happening never will and we encourage people to think about how secure their homes are every day of the year.

“Burglars do not have an off-season and do not care what time of the year it is or whether it is the morning, afternoon or night. All they want to know is how easy is it to break into your home, and what can they steal if they do so.”

For more advice about keeping your home secure all year-round visit: