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Parcel theft on a rise in Kent

Kent is the second most likely place you will experience mail theft in the UK, according to an article from PackSend, published on the 22nd of August.

Kent has a total of 67 thefts per capita, which is a 185 per cent increase since 2019.

This is 35 less thefts per capita than Essex, but also 27 more thefts per capita than Northamptonshire.

With many ordering Christmas gifts online, this information can seem damning, especially as these numbers have most likely increased since, as the graph was published in August.

Fear of theft is very common when ordering online, but when November comes it is a more prominent fear, as Christmas rush comes into effect and people order gifts.

When questioned, many people in Canterbury do not see doorstep theft as a threat to them personally, but have heard a lot of stories online and on residential Facebook groups.

When told that we were 2nd place in terms of thefts per capita, they were surprised, which may signify that there is not a lot of coverage when it comes to parcel theft.

Kent Police released crime prevention advice on how to prevent stolen doorstep deliveries.

Although, Kent isn’t the only place suffering a fluctuation in the theft of packages.

According to The UK Ecommerce Association, nearly one in ten persons worldwide reported at least having one package stolen between May 2021 and April 2022.

This amounts to £33.6 billion worth of packages being stolen worldwide in this time frame.

If you are ordering online, it is important you keep track of your order number and ensure it is going down the correct path.

If it is Royal Mail, they usually return packages to the office if nobody answers the door, and will post letters through the letterbox.

But if your letterbox is a external post box or a wall mounted post box, then it is safer to routinely check it in case of theft or damage of property.

Feature image: Photo by Polina Tankilevitch (Pexels)