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Reported Burglary at The Royal Hotel

By Jasmine Rosser

Last Thursday there was a report of a burglary at the Royal Hotel in Deal.

Lauren Harris,27, assistant manager of the hotel arrived at The Royal Thursday Morning at 5:35am to find paper work and old files all over the desk, and part of the breakfast buffet missing.


The CCTV showed a guest staying at the hotel had gone through the draws looking through various files, and had also spent a while on the computer. Before heading upstairs, he headed to the breakfast buffet and put several items into his bag.

Lauren Harris said: “When I got into work the reception desk was a mess, there were files and bits of paper work everywhere. I knew something wasn’t right so I checked the CCTV and saw that a guest who was staying with us had gone through all of our files and had spent a long time on our computer. On the CCTV it shows him then going to the buffet table and putting several things into his bag before heading upstairs.

“When I spoke to the guest he said that he was checking to see how secure the hotel is and that anyone can access personal details. He also said that he came into the hotel at night before because the door was left open. He said If I wanted to, I could call the police as he hadn’t taken anything. I called the police at around 12pm and they arrived after I had left the hotel later that afternoon.”

The police arrived at 3:10pm and also checked the CCTV footage.

Martin Very, Kent Police press officer, said: “Kent Police investigated a reported burglary at a hotel in Beach St, Deal on Thursday 19 January, 2017. It was reported that between midnight and midday, a man stole two china bowls from the breakfast area. Kent Police arrived at 3.10pm. The investigation has been completed with nobody arrested. The victim has been updated.”