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Review: The N-Dubz reunion to remember

On Tuesday night, I relived my childhood as I was in attendance for N-dubz’s forth night headlining the sold out O2 arena.

Whilst singing and rapping along to classics from legendary support acts such as Sneakbo, Chip, Russ Millions and Wes Nelson. As a result, the atmosphere was filled in the arena with excitement as their 20,000 supporters were close to the trio’s long anticipated return after 11 years.

Announcement before the group took the stage to perform ” I Need You”


The gig started with the three North-West London legends Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer performing hit 2009 single “I Need You” and fan-favourite “Girls”. It was a beautiful feeling to be able to sing a long to these classic singles with over 20,000 people going through the same exhilarating feeling of nostalgia as myself. The trio were full of energy with their hard-hitting vocals and interaction with the crowd. It was worth every penny and was one of the greatest shows I have been to.


There were numerous amounts of times during the show where throwback videos of the group were played on the screen. This includes old music videos, behind the scenes footage and footage from their TV  Docu-series “Being N-Dubz”. Hit singles “Papa Can You Hear Me”, dedicated to Dappy’s late father who used to manage the group, and” I swear” was then performed with two members of the audience being invited to the stage to perform it with them.

Dappy interacting with the crowd as        they close with “Number 1”

The group are some of the country’s greatest performers. This was showcased through the different genres of music performed throughout the night. They can easily go from a hard-hitting, story-telling ballad to a club anthem. The transition between “Playing with fire” where they brought out Mr Hudson and number 1 single “Number 1” proved this.

The trio connected with fans by catching phones which were thrown onto the stage to take videos. They were also encouraging fans to be on their friend’s shoulders when performing Dappy’s chart-topping single “No Regrets”. The crowd was singing this song back to the artists word for word.  Overall, this was an amazing show, and it is definitely worth purchasing tickets for their summer tour. This includes a performance at Dreamland in Margate on July 8th. Tickets can be purchased here: N-Dubz Tickets | 2022-23 Tour & Concert Dates | Ticketmaster UK