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The 6 worst things to have happened on Friday the 13th

By Ellie Vasey

It’s Friday 13th, a day filled with myths and superstitions – Here is the 6 worst things to have happened:

Buckingham Palace got bombed

During the Blitz of World War 2 the Nazis dropped a bomb on Buckingham Palace on Friday 13th September 1940 while they were having tea.


Teen struck by lightening

If your superstitious this unbelievable incident isn’t one to read.

A 13-year-old boy was struck by lightening in Suffolk on Friday the 13th August 2010 at 13:13pm.

The teen survived the incident with only minor injuries, however the story fails to be nothing but extraordinary due to the time and date of events all falling on number 13.


Stock market crashes

Who knew Friday 13th had such an impact on people’s lives.

It is estimated that over £700million is lost every year by experts at The Stress Management Centre and Phobia Institute in North Carolina.

This is due to people avoiding work and staying at home to ensure they’re safe because of superstitions.


Rapper Tupac Shakur death

On September 13th 1996 the well known rapper Tupac died due to gunshot injuries.

Following a drive-by incident in Las Vegas he died in hospital.

His death still remains unsolved today.

2PAC 2.jpg

Death on Friday 13th

In 1976 a man was killed due to his apartment roof falling in on Friday 13th.

Like most superstitious people Daz Pearson took the day off work because he had a bad feeling about the day ahead.

Sadly, staying at home wasn’t the best idea.


The ship that sank

Cruise liner Costa Concordia collided with a rock off the coast of Italy on Friday 13th in 2012.

The ship had over 4,000 people on board when the ship went onto its side submerging half of the ship underwater.

32 of the passengers and crewmembers died due to the Friday the 13th disaster.