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Fish and chips shop offers free meals for those in need on Christmas Day

‘Sandys’ fish and chips shop in Folkestone is set to open its doors on Christmas day in order to offer free food for those struggling financially this year.

The shop is set to open from 11:30am until around 1pm, however the owner Andy Barnett suggested he might try to open even earlier. 

The idea came after Andy was thinking of ways to promote the shop but saw how so many were in desperate need of help this year. He said:

“I just want to do something nice. I want to give something back.”

He went on to say how the shop had been lucky enough to do so well in its first year of opening and this act would be “a gesture to the people of the town.”

Although Andy is not expecting money from those who come to take advantage of the offer, anyone who chooses to pay will be donating their money to charity instead of the shop. 

The menu will offer a smaller range of food than normal, and will serve fish and chips, sausage and chips and a vegan option as well for those who don’t eat meat.

The fish and chip shop saw a £150,000 refurbishment back in September 2021 when the owner Andrew and his wife took over the previously run down takeaway shop. 

Since then the shop has flourished, becoming the top-rated fish and chip shop in Folkestone according to both Google and Just Eat.



Featured image: courtesy of Fiona Wilkinson (Flickr)