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Twitter users react to advice: ‘take cash to the pub’

While we thought the days of cash only payments were a thing of the past, we are now being urged to pay by cash at the pub when they re-open on the 12th of April.

This comes after industry bosses warn that signals in beer gardens are not reliable enough to take card payments. So, to avoid technical issues, punters are being urged to pay with cash.

Here’s how Twitter users have reacted to this news. 

Several users have voiced concerns that we had previously been told not to use cash to reduce the transmission of germs


Some users are describing this as a ‘control freak’ rule:


Other users are posting that this potential rule is “utterly pathetic” and it is a case of ‘bring cash to the pub or risk red faces in beer garden.’


One Twitter user tweeted that they have never been to a pub where a card machine has not worked:


Other users have voiced confusion over being allowed to use facilities inside pubs, but not being allowed to pay inside:


Pubs have been closed since December so a lot of people are eager to get out again and enjoy a drink with friends. But, having to sit outside is not so “appealing”:


Similarly, a lot of people do not carry cash nowadays due to card payments being made easier, quicker and faster:


Overall, reactions have not been positive to the new pub rules. After talks of vaccine passports, paying by cash, and having to stay outside people are left feeling overwhelmed and confused.

So, until we are allowed back inside pubs, you might need to make a trip to the cash point before getting your pint.

Featured image credit: Amie Johnson on Unsplash