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Violence And Sexual Offences Highest Amount Of Crimes In Northgate

Violence and sexual offences crimes make up the highest amount of crimes committed in Kent with 40.35%.

In Canterbury, Northgate, violence and sexual offences also make up the highest amount of crimes with 29.14%


In 2017 July and October saw the highest peaks of violence and sexual offences reported in the Northgate area.

According to police statistics between March 2017 and February 2018, Canterbury Asda’s petrol station had the most reports of violence and sexual offence reports on or near it.

Canterbury’s Sainsbury’s store followed closely behind with 21 reports of violence and sexual offences on or near the premises.

Residential areas such as Tennyson Avenue and Vauxhall Avenue were two of the worst places with reports of violence and sexual offences reported to Kent Police.

Harry Rainey, who looked at living in Tennyson Avenue has said: “Although it has a high crime rate, I feel anywhere you go or live has a crime rate.

“I think although it was one of the highest in Northgate, these are offences reported yet the amount of unreported crime is also high.

“It’s more the home you make, rather than the road you live on. My current location (Clement Close, which only had 5 reports compared to Tennyson’s 26) is central to unreported crime.

Harry added, “An alley behind me has been nicknamed ‘druggo alley’, but that hasn’t stopped me living here.”

A Freedom of Information Request was made to Kent Police asking for the separation of statistics between violence and sexual offences, yet Kent Police replied: “Please be aware that we are experiencing very high request volumes and while we will endeavour to complete your request as soon as possible it is likely that a response may well be delayed.”