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Whitstable greengrocer forced to increase prices after European veggie crisis

By Caitlin Elliott

A Whitstable Greengrocer have been forced to raise the prices of their most popular produce after suffering a hit from the global veg crisis.

Granny Smiths on Whitsable High Street have claimed that the prices of their most in demand veggies are facing a rise as a result of the fruit and veg shortages being faced across Europe.

A Granny Smith employee said: “Prices are definitely going to be noticeably increasing for customers especially on popular things like broccoli.”

Crisis: Many popular vegetables are soon to soar in price.

They have claimed that produce such as broccoli has risen as much as 50p and suggested customers sacrifice some of their favourite five-a-days for cheaper, locally sourced alternatives such as cauliflower.

The veg crisis hitting the UK is a result of the wintry weather across Europe, hindering their crop growth and stopping them providing the UK with greens.

Big freezes across countries such as Spain and Italy have meant the harvest has been limited and that fewer imports have been possible.

Vegetables such as broccoli, courgette and tomatoes are all in short supply thanks to the chilly conditions.