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5 new chocolate bars in B&M you have to try!

In recent years B&M has secured its status as one of the UK’s most loved shops due to their unique range of treats.

The store stocks confectionary from all over the world that other supermarkets don’t, making it a popular place for customers with an eye for something new.

Kent has many B&M stores, including two in Canterbury.

B&M stores in Kent

Here are five new chocolate bars now in B&M stores that you have to try…


Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Birthday Cake



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A fantastic Cadbury bar packed with marshmallows, hundreds and thousands and biscuit.

Cost: £1.29


KitKat Mint Cookie and Gooey Caramel


Two great new Kit Kat’s bursting with flavour.

Cost: £1.29


KitKat Zebra Dark & White



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A strong, dark taste with a great swirl design.

Cost: £0.60


Milkybar Bar Whirl


Lovely and sweet with a fantastic looking pattern just like the one above.

Cost: £1.29


Cadbury Caramilk


A fantastic mix of Cadbury white chocolate and caramel.

Cost: £2.99