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8 Reasons Why Christmas Is Overrated

Everyone always bangs on about how amazing Christmas is, but has anyone ever proved just how ridiculous and stressful it is? Well if you want to be a Scrooge, here are eight reasons why Christmas is overrated…

  1. You’re forced to spend time with family

For some reason Christmas is the time of year where families are forced to spend time together. Shouldn’t families spend time with each other all the time instead of on one certain day of the year? Being forced to spend time together then causes unneeded stress and everyone starts to hate each other before the day begins.


  1. You’re forced to waste money on presents that people don’t actually want

Come on, who really wants 30 pairs of socks, a sack full of weird chocolates and funny ornaments from your grandparents?


  1. If you work in retail, you will realise how much you hate work and people

Not only do you have to work extra while your family members and lounging around doing nothing, you have to deal with stress filled parents, bratty kids and late night shifts.


  1. The shops are too busy

If you want to be pushed around, squished between humans like tinned sardines and stopped by inconsiderate people while they walk slowly or stop in front of you…then go shopping at Christmas


  1. If you get a real Christmas tree, the needles will mess up your whole room

How many times have you crawled under your Christmas tree with a vacuum cleaner whilst contemplating why you didn’t buy a cheap plastic one in the first place?


  1. Parents don’t get credit for Santa presents

Parents spend hundreds on presents ‘from Santa’ for their little ones and all they seem to get back is a poorly made card and a terribly crafted clay ornament from their school that deserves the bin but sadly makes the mantelpiece for FOREVER.

  1. It’s absolutely freezing all the time

Not only are you completely stressed buying presents, preparing food and arguing with family, you’re also freezing you’re a** off in the sub zero temperatures.


  1. And if you live in the UK you NEVER get a white Christmas

Irving Berlin lied when he sung about a ‘White Christmas’ instead we get rain, cloudy skies and a depressive atmosphere.