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“A helping hand at Christmas in Medway 2021” 

A Local Facebook group has been created to help struggling parents that can’t afford Christmas presents this year.

The private group that currently has 141 members and was created by admins Nikesh Bhagwanj, Bes Tarcy and Carina Katten Dory who got the idea from Nikesh daughter Isabella, who wished “she could make sure that all kids have presents on Christmas.”

The page has been praised and supported by donations from local people. Many members send presents through Amazon Wish-lists. Old toys and clothes are also sent. Admins fix, clean and wrap donations before they are sent to the parents who reached out to the group for help.

The page offers a nomination service if you feel like someone is struggling and in need of help. You can refer them by sending the page a message and they will get in contact.

The page offers constant support and makes numerous posts about not judging parents. They understand people may be struggling but embarrassed to ask for help. Covid-19 has taken a hit on people finances, the group allows struggling members to apply for support all year round.

The generosity of locals in Medway has been huge and admin Carina shares how she is “overwhelmed with all the love and support that’s been shown.”


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