The Canterbury Hub

Latest news from CCCU's Journalism course


A new 24-hour music studio is due to open in Ramsgate.

Next to the infamous Ramsgate Music Hall, the official launch for the music hub is set to be during February 2019.

Founded in September, the Hub already has some available services to use such as rehearsal spaces complete with quality equipment for bands to use. This goes alongside full recording and mastering studio facilities operated by experienced and established engineers.


Another notable upcoming service they will aim to provide will be Music Therapy sessions, for people who are looking for alternative ways to relax and benefit their physical and mental health.

Studio Manager, Kieran Newell, said: “It will basically involve playing music and audio samples through headphones to the group in the session with frequencies and sounds that trigger parts of the brain to relax and destress.”

There will be a live room which will feature live bands and DJ’s for people to come and enjoy, or watch at home via livestream.

Coming soon to the Hub is an In-house record label. Newell continued:

“The Label, which will be called Hub One Recordings, will be a live label of any genre of music that can be performed on stage live.”

The business will feature an educational facility where industry professionals can provide tuition to those who want to learn music production techniques or learn to play instruments. The space will also cover a range of courses in the artistic field.

Music lessons for the trumpet and drums from music professionals are available at hourly rates.

The trumpet lessons are taught by Duncan Mackay, who has worked with the likes of Primal Scream, Tina Turner, Tom Jones, Richard Ashcroft and the Chemical Brothers.

Drum lessons are taught by session drummer Toby Evangelou, who has worked with the likes of Rae Morris and Sam Sure.