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Accident causes huge pile-up on M20

Long delays on the M20 are being faced this morning after an accident caused a pileup.

Heavy traffic affected those heading eastbound towards junctions 4 and 5 near Aylesford, giving commuters a slow start to their day.

Drivers are being redirected to Faversham on A251 to keep the flow of traffic moving after some have waited over 45 minutes to move.

Traffic on the M20 showing delays of around 45 minutes on Google Maps.
Motorists face delays with up to 50 minutes this morning. Credit google maps.


The accident involved a lorry and car, thankfully, no one has been reported as injured from the incident.

The M20 has faced a lot of accidents recently, and the rain today has made it more dangerous for commuters.

Due to the wet roads this morning, drivers should drive slowly and carefully to avoid any further accidents.

One Facebook user said:

“Didn’t move for 45 mins on M20, diverted to Faversham on A251. Now gridlocked.
Taken 90 mins to travel 11 miles from Canterbury, still 60 miles to get to Surrey and am nowhere near a motorway”

No timeframe has been given as to when the traffic will be cleared up, but it appears to be moving more throughout the morning.

Follow the National Highway Travel Updates to find out more information as it becomes available.

Featured Image: Google Maps