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Are you prepared for the coldsnap?

Feature Image Source: Temperature Forecast Map-Zoom Earth

With snowfall being highly expected in Kent for the foreseeable future, how prepared are we for a freezing winter?

On the 11th of December and 12th of December, it is speculated that there could be a 95% chance of snowfall, and with temperatures currently hitting as low as -1 degrees celsius, people are advised to dress warm and to support your neighbours and local elderly.

Is it colder than usual?

The Met office claims there will be a 90% chance of “severe cold weather” in South East of England, with temperatures hitting just above freezing in many areas.

It is abnormal for us to have such low temperatures that hit the negative numbers, as our lowest average is 2 degrees Celsius, and our highest is 7 degrees Celsius.

Hitting -1 degrees Celsius and -2 degrees Celsius being accompanied by snow means we will feel a lot colder for this period, and there is a much bigger risk of cold related illnesses.

How will this effect transportation?

Snowfall doesn’t just mean a white ground however, it also means the disruption of public transport, most prominently buses.

When roads become too slippery due to prolonged snowfall and freezing rain, bus services may either change route or cancel their service for that route until driving conditions are safer, you can keep track of this on the Stagecoach website.

The same danger can be existent for drivers too, as slippery roads mean less control over your vehicle, so it is important to follow icy road driving precautions.

How should I prepare?

As the temperature drops lower, you may decide to make the temperature on your heating system higher, but it is important to monitor how long your heating is on to avoid wasting money on gas.

Gas prices being higher and the cost of living increasing could lead to you possibly not being able to afford your heating. With Christmas coming closer, less stores will be available to top up your gas if you are not using a smart meter.

The upcoming snowfall and Coldsnap may also lead to power cuts, although the National Grid says we will “probably be okay” this winter and power cuts will be unlikely, we should always prepare for the worst as weather is not entirely predictable.

Investing into thick blankets, candles and keeping portable chargers fully charged would be ideal to ensure you stay warm and are not cut off if your devices run out of power.

Kent County Council have a post on staying safe this Winter, it is advised that Kent residents read through this to keep up to date with the latest road advice and any support being given in regards to cost of living,