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Ashford man prosecuted after failing to pay £1,300 fly-tipping fine

A 38-year-old resident from South Ashford has been fined for £1,300 after paying two men in a van to take his rubbish away.

This very large fine was given after failing to pay an original fine for two separate incidents near the town.

The fly-tipping had been brought to Ashford Borough Council officers attention by concerned members of the public in November 2021.

After the dump was inspected, the officers found evidence that led them to the household.

The Man said that he had paid £200 in cash to the two men in the van to get rid of his rubbish for him, for them only to dump the rubbish 800 meters away, in Beaver Lane.

He also admitted that he did not request to see their Environment Agency Waste Carriers licence and failed to obtain a receipt or invoice.

As a result of this, he was fined £400, after failing to pay this, the fine has now been increased and the man has been prosecuted.