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“Big Successful” Brexit Developments

In the early hours this morning, it was published that Theresa May has come a “last minute” decision with the EU, concluding three important factors.

It was agreed that there was going to be “no hard border in Northern Ireland and the Republic maintaining ‘constitutional and economic integrity of the United Kingdom”.

Secondly, European citizens living in the United Kingdom and UK citizens living in the European Union will have their rights protected under British law, and to be “enforced by British courts”.

And finally, there will be financial settlement ‘fair to the British taxpayer’.


Ashford Conservative MP, Damien Green described the developments as ‘successful’ and a ‘breakthrough’, following the words of the European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker; he described the event as, “the breakthrough we needed”.

Rosie Duffield, Canterbury’s Labour MP, retweeted ITV News:

However, Duffield has not responded to the recent developments.

If you would like to view the full press conference: click the link in Sky News’ tweet (below):

Some however, do not see this development as neccessarily positive, ex-representative of UKIP and current MEP, Nigel Farage stated that, “A deal in Brussels is good news for Mrs May as we can now move on to the next stage of humiliation”.