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Canterbury University Raises Money For Over 30 Charities

The Student Union is dashing to raise money until the end of the year.

President of Student Activities, Nick Beard, at Canterbury Christ Church University was incredibly proud of the effort made by students.

“Super proud of our students raising money this year for over 30 different charities! Students have always been known for their altruism but students here at Christ Church really provide a glowing example!”  Nick Beard.


“I learnt more and more and started to fall in love with charity and fundraising”

Charlotte Williams, the Raise and Give Society President said, “I signed up to volunteer for a charity in my first year of University, and this was through the Raise and Give Society. This changed my life, as from the word go it really was all go go go, and it still is! From there, I learnt more and more and started to fall in love with charity and fundraising, it has become a passion. So here I am now, making RaG a known organisation at university”.

Recently, the Show Choir Society collaborated with Raise and Give (RaG) and put on a show to raise money for World Aids Day.

Check out the video below, courtesy of CCSU RaG:


CCCU Student Union are going to use a money goal thermometer to show how much has been raised.

The RaG Society have raised £20, 548.65 for the EAP Charity and ranked 14th out of all the universities participating in fund-raising.

Some of the 30 charities include, Cancer Research UK, East African Playgrounds Charity, Breast Cancer Research and the CCCU Football Women’s club raised money through a social event for Porchlight, a homeless charity in Canterbury.

Courtesy of CCCU Women’s Football Club