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Calls for Rosie Duffield to be next Labour leader

Canterbury MP Rosie Duffield is gaining large support to take over as the next Labour leader.

Following on from Labours resounding defeat last night, and this mornings news that current party leader Jeremy Corbyn, will not be leading them into the next election.

One fan favourite Rosie Duffield, is now being heavily suggested as a worthy successor. With calls on Twitter claiming she has what it takes to help bring Labour back from what is arguably now one of their darkest moments.

On what was a miserable night for Labour, Miss Duffield’s triumph seemed to be one of the few positives.

As Rosie narrowly retook her tightly contested seat, beating Anna Firth and increasing her majority to over one thousand votes. She sent a thankful tweet earlier today:


Alongside Rosie, other Labour MP’s are being put forward, with large support also showing up online for

Jess Phillips

Who is the Member of parliament for Birmingham Yardley.

Emily Thornberry

She is currently the Shadow foreign and commonwealth secretary.

Sir Keir Starmer

He is currently the shadow of secretary state for Brexit.

Yvette Cooper

Who is the MP for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford.


Despite all of this speculation and constant calls for his resignation, Jeremy Corbyn has claimed he will not step down immediately and wants some “time to reflect” first.


Who do you think would be the best choice for Labours next Leader? Take our poll.

Who should be the next Labour Leader?

Rosie Duffield
Jess Phillips
Emily Thornberry
Sir Keir Starmer
Yvette Cooper
Someone else