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Canterbury and the house party problem

Kent Police in Canterbury have issued a statement saying they are working with Canterbury universities to prevent house parties.

Following twenty-five penalty notices in the past week, concerns grow for the safety of students.
Since the pandemic, incidents involving students and breaking lockdown rules has been an issue.

There is a possibility for more fine distributions. In October, Kent saw its first batch of fines, being up to £10,000.
More fines were given out in November, when parties consisting of 80+ people took place.

Source: Oli Woodman on Unsplash

With Summer approaching, it is of concern that there will be more house parties and incidents with rule-breaking.

The Metropolitan Police and the universities involved are being contacted for more information.

Ethon Castleton

I am university student at Canterbury Christ Church. I study Multimedia Journalism and am finishing up my third year of university-level education.