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Wet and windy Canterbury forecast

Closing the week on a very cold and cloudy weather forecast for today in Canterbury, with an 8% chance of rain and temperatures rising to a maximum of 3 degrees celsius. Expected lows of 2 degrees celsius.

Tomorrow, make sure to wrap up warm and bring an umbrella with you on the way to work, as the 1st of December will feel like 0 degrees celsius and bringing in a high 83% chance of rain with outbreaks of sunshine, in the morning until the early afternoon. Highs are expected to reach 6 degrees celsius, after lows of 2 degrees.

Hawkhurst, Tonbridge and Maidstone areas are experiencing slight sleet and snow this morning and it was expected to snow last night in Canterbury, through lows of 2 degrees celsius. Kent County Council have issued safety warnings due to a high chance of ice due to low temperatures.

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Feature photograph courtesy of Martin Mayer, 2017.