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Canterbury MP congratulates mum on her succsessful petition

Canterbury’s MP has hailed a mum’s bravery for her campaign for birth and death certificates.

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Letter from Julian Brazier, local MP

Julian Brazier, 62, Canterbury’s local MP, has taken notice of a petition to allow birth and death certificates to be given to babies stillborn from 16 weeks, rather than the current law which only allows them to be given to babies from 24 weeks.

He sent a letter to Lisa Bailey; who started the petition after she lost her own son Amin at just 20 weeks, saying he has written to the Government minister to ask if the petition be taken into consideration and he is awaiting a response.

Lisa, 31, lost her son Amin when she was 20 weeks pregnant; she says she cannot get closure, because she can not register her baby’s birth or death. She started the petition to get the law changed when hospital staff told her that she could not register her child as he was too young and did not breathe when he was born.

Lisa Bailey tragically lost her son while she was 20 weeks pregnant



Lisa speaking from her home: “it just breaks my heart knowing what i’ve gone thorough, this will probably give me a little bit of closure knowing I have a little bit of paper saying who his mother and father is, rather than just me and him, and his dad”

After her ordeal she decided to start the petition to change the law, she wants the change to allow babies stillborn from 16 weeks to be registered. The law would be called Amin’s law, after her son. She said getting the certificates would bring her closure, as the only things she has of him are his pictures.

The petition currently has 1097 signatures and ends in October, on Lisa’s birthday, it needs over one hundred thousand for it to be considered for debate in parliament. However with the MP’s support she hopes it will boost the support and attention of the petition. She says that the petition, along with the support of her friends and family, is what is keeping her going, giving her something to focus on in this difficult time.

You can support Lisa and sign the petition here.