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‘I have to prove how disabled I am’

By Sonny Snelling 

A disabled man has been left devastated after having his benefits cut and specialised car taken away.


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Alan Corton pictured at a Tottenham game against Colchester United

Alan Corton, 54 from Lincolnshire who is a big Tottenham Hotspur fan had his leg amputated after a motorbike accident in 1989. He was given a specialised car that allows him to enjoy everyday life, but after recent government cuts in welfare this was taken from him.

Alan said: “It hurts like hell, the government have hurt me I am more depressed and angry. I can’t do anything about it”.

When asked about how he is managing, Alan said:

“I’m not its essential. One daughter is my carer otherwise id be stuck. I was independent and didn’t ask people I fought for stuff and I’m not one for asking”.

Alan also has to prove how disabled he is. Even though he has one leg, on 13 tablets a day and cant bend properly.

“I feel like giving up, sometimes I don’t like to ask people. My friend gave me £500 towards my season ticket.

“My anxiety is sky high. Will I ever get my car back?”


‘We are very concerned’


Jonathan Powell, CEO of Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People (QEF) said: “Here at QEF, we are very concerned to hear about cases like this, which are very distressing for the people involved. We urge the DWP to consider the impacts of the cuts that are being made as a matter of priority.”

People like Alan struggle everyday without help if they are not helped by the government – who will help them?