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Cub scout helps KFRS and gains his fire safety badge

By Lily Houston

A Borstal cub pack who visited Rochester Fire Station to find out more about Fire safety in and outside of the home.

The children, aged between seven and 10 from 24th Medway, met firefighters and learnt about the work they do to help keep people safe. After getting a tour of the fire station, they were shown around the fire engines and learned what it’s like to be a firefighter with Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS).

After his visit, nine year old Joshua Clarke from Robin Hood Lane  noticed that there was no markings to show where his nearest fire hydrant was.
To get his fire safety badge, Joshua needed to draw a map to the fire hydrant, but as there were no markings he wrote to KFRS to let them know about this issue.

KFRS’ Resilience Manager, Steve Lewis, said: “A fire engine can only carry a limited amount of water so fire hydrants are an extremely important part of firefighting. They provide us with access to a steady flow of water to fight a fire and when missing or obscured, could waste valuable minutes for our crews who work hard to limit fire damage to properties. Please help us by not  parking your vehicle above or too close to a fire hydrant as it could be needed in an emergency at any time.”

When KFRS received Joshua’s letter they responded immediately by marking the fire hydrant and putting up a new plate. An email was also sent to Joshua thanking him for reporting the defect.


Joshua’s father, Steve Mundy got in touch to say: “Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to Joshua. He saw the hydrant on the way home from school and he was totally made up that you had put up a new sign and also sent him an email. He took this along with the photos and read it out at cubs and he now has his fire safety badge.”

Steve Lewis added: “Fire hydrants are frequently overlooked and people often park vehicles over or next to them, blocking our access. If you spot one that is damaged or in need of repair (leaking, broken or malfunctioning), please report it by email or phone us.

“Joshua was with his mum, Ellie Clarke, when he drew his fire hydrant map and we’re really grateful for his efforts. But, if your child is outside, near the road, please make sure they are accompanied by an adult.”

Joshua with his fire safety badge.

Joshua has now recieved his Fire safety badge with help from KFRS.