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Explained: Staying Motivated At The Gym During Winter

Remaining motivated in the season of comfort food is difficult, especially in the lead up to Christmas. With a spell of cold nights, dark mornings and thick blankets, the thought of dragging yourself to the gym can seem difficult.

Louise Skipper, a gym instructor at Roko Health Gym, Gillingham, gave us her top tips on how to stay motivated this winter.

“Firstly you need to take a friend, agree on goals and encourage each other.

“Maybe treat yourself to a sauna and steam afterwards and give yourself some time to relax as well as exercise.

“Try a new fitness class that appeals to you, maybe spin or circuits or a holistic type class.

“Lastly if you have an ideal body goal, put a picture of it on your fridge, it is always good to work towards something”


The most important way to maintain motivation is to create a specific daily routine that you follow strictly. Sleep is key, so forcing yourself to sleep at a reasonable time and wake up at the same time everyday is the best way to begin.

Once you are used to this routine, you will find it easier to wake up earlier, you will feel less lethargic and early morning gym sessions wont seem totally impossible.

Michael Beckett, membership consultant at Lifestyle Fitness, Canterbury said:

“Train during the day, light will stimulate vitamin D production which helps bones and joints”

Michael also said:

“Keep vitamin levels high, illness will set you back longer through winter.

“Dress appropriate. Protecting joints from the cold decreases the chance of injury”

Always make sure you are including your meals in your daily routines, plan what you are going to eat and when, then achieving goals will not seem so difficult. There are millions of food plans online or you can even draw your own up!

There a tons of Instagram and Twitter pages which are smothered with mouth watering healthy alternatives

Setting Goals

Setting a weekly or monthly goal is a good way to encourage yourself to go to the gym regularly. There is nothing better than achieving a goal that you have been working extra hard on. Make sure the goals are achievable because setting impossible goals can demotivate you.

Getting A Gym Partner

Going to the gym alone can be possible if you are completely motivated and have a specific routine. However, if you are struggling with discipline, then getting a friend that is already enthusiastic about going to the gym is the perfect way to get yourself going. There are hundreds of exercises that you can do with a partner, check some out here:

Switch Up Your Exercises

Doing the same thing over and over again can be very boring which is why varying your exercises is a vital part of staying motivated. This comes with preparation which is why making a work out schedule first is so important. There are plenty of different exercises out there to bring variation to your workout routine and make it fun instead of a chore.

Trying gym classes is always a good way to mix up your routines. Always try something out of your comfort zone, you might realise that you love it. Classes have specific times so this might encourage you to go from couch potato to gym fanatic!