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5 places you can get free samples at Canterbury Christmas markets this year

The Christmas markets in Canterbury are so beautiful but they can be very expensive.

But if you are a bit strapped for cash you can still enjoy them by trying out these free samples…  


1. Traditional Mead


Just outside Sports Direct there is a stall with honey flavoured wine that is really delicious, a great way to get you in the Christmas spirit. 


2. Free Fudge samples at Fudge Kitchen


This shop actually does free fudge samples all year round but they have plenty of flavours for you to try out when you are visiting the markets.


3. Jam, honey and sauces


The next thing to try is definitely the free jams, honey and sauces located at a stall in Whitefriars. They have a massive range of different one for you to try, including a Pina Colada flavour (if you are missing the summer season too much.) 



4. Try some Turkish Delight

The next one try try is also in Whitefriars, here you can get some free Turkish delight! If you have a sweet tooth, this stall is definitely worth a visit. 


5. The cheese shop stall 


This stall is my personal favourite, located just outside Mcdonalds you can try lots of different cheeses ranging from normal cheddars to ones made with charcoal or gin and tonic.