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International Dance Day takes Twitter by storm

Today (April 29) is International Dance Day which acts as a celebration for people to celebrate and recognise the importance of dance as an art-form.

It is also a way to encourage people across the world to participate in different forms of dance, such as tap dance and ballet.

The date marks the anniversary of the birth of Jean-Georges Noverre, the creator of modern ballet. Noverre is credited with bringing major reforms in ballet production and is often referred to as the ‘Shakespeare of dance’.

Many people use the day to express the importance of dance to them. For example, it can be a social activity, and helps to boost the mood of people who partake in it.

Twitter users are also reflecting on the importance of dance culturally.

Certain forms of dance are considered tradition by some cultures, and International Dance Day allows people to share their culture and give importance to their heritage and norms.

Featured image: David Hofmann, Unsplash.