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Jaffa Cake thief jailed for a year

A thief who carried out two burglaries in one day, stealing a pack of Jaffa Cakes and a quantity of cigarettes has been given a 12 month prison sentence.John Saunders, 37, of Tennyson Avenue in Canterbury, made off with the goods after breaking into a public house in Great Green Street, Dartford, in October.
John Saunders

He then attempted to break into a business in nearby East Hill, but failed to open its tills, and was spotted by the owner while trying to escape.

An officer investigating the original burglary arrested Saunders, who was still clutching the Jaffa Cakes from his earlier burglary as he tried to leave the area.

The 300 cigarettes he had also stolen were still in his possession.

Saunders appeared at Maidstone Crown Court where he pleaded guilty to two counts of burglary.
He was sentenced to 12 months in prison on November 13.

Investigating officer PC Peter Hyland said: ‘Rather than enjoy his stolen treats Saunders will now experience the bitter taste of a prison sentence.

‘As shown in this case, burglars like Saunders are opportunistic by nature and will attempt to steal anything not nailed down.

‘Basic home security measures, such as making sure all doors are locked securely and valuables are kept out of sight, can stop most criminals in their tracks. Please keep that in mind.’