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Kent Faces Weekend Frozen Nightmare

Kent will be experiencing high chances of snow after @metofficeuk released a statement of a ‘yellow warning of snow and ice’ in the South East over the next week.

In Canterbury over the weekend, the city will face sunshine and clouds on Friday, sunshine on Saturday and rain through Sunday to Monday, with lows of -2 degrees Celsius in the evenings. Local authorities have advised to take extra care due to potential icy pavements and roads.

Saturday will be chilly reaching -3 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures will be reaching a maximum of 7 degrees on Sunday around midday, and a resting temperature of 3 degrees Celsius throughout the day.

Monday will bring an 80% chance of rain with poor visibility on the roads and winds that feel like -1 degrees Celsius.

Tuesday 12th will be bringing another burst of sunshine from the morning until the early afternoon, hopefully defrosting some of the ice from the weekend.

So, be careful on the roads this weekend and when travelling throughout the week as road traffic accidents due to the weather conditions could be imminent.