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How did Kent prepare for Storm Arwen?

On Friday, 26th November 2021, Met Office sent out a yellow weather warning, stating that London and Kent would be hit by Storm Arwen with Temperatures set to drop to below 5 degrees Celsius.

The warning triggered Kent and London’s Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP).

Town Council’s across Kent and London were using  Streetlink to locate people who are sleeping rough. Once the council can locate them they offered a safe temporary location to sleep during the extreme weather conditions, via the SWEP protocol.

What is SWEP?

SWEP is a protocol that all Kent councils own, this protocol can be triggered by Severe weather like storms (like Arwen) and heatwaves. The protocol can remove homeless people from the streets and allocate them temporary accommodation.

SWEP will be using B&B’s, Hotels and Hostels along with other types of hospitality services as a form of temporary accommodation for the winter.

Thanet and Canterbury city council released phone numbers for the public to call during activating periods.

Thanet’s number is 01843 577277.

Canterbury council released 2 numbers, 0808 196 8140 for working hours (9 am – 5 pm) and for after-hours 01227 781879 (5 pm – 8 am)

What is Streetlink?

Streetlink is a website and an app that allows members of the public to mark where people are sleeping rough. Streetlink is a link between the public and the council ran outreach teams.

During daylight hours you can send out an alert, this means that an outreach team will be contacted. The outcome of the outreach team will vary locally.

It should be noted that Streetlink is not an emergency service and that if emergency medical attention is needed, 999 should be called.


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Feature image credit: Torsten Dederichs Via Unsplash