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Kings Ferry commuter service axed before Christmas

Commuters face uncertainty after the Kings Ferry service from Kent and Medway to London will be axed in less than a week on Christmas Eve.

Due to the lack of demand for the service as many commuter have been working from home ultimately due to the multiple Covid-19 lockdowns

In a statement Managing Director of Kings Ferry Ian Fraser said: “I would like to thank all customers past and present for their support over the last 40 years, it has been a pleasure transporting you to and from London on a daily basis.

“The ongoing challenges created by Covid-19 have reduced demand to such an extent that means our services are not commercially viable and unlikely to become in the future.”

A twitter user expressed their disappointment in the news:

Whilst another user agreed and expressed his anger:

A user tweeted her son would have to pay expensive train fee’s to get to work:

Many commuters rely on the service as a cheaper way to commute to London for work and they have been left to look at other options of travel which are more expensive as news has just come out about the inflation of train tickets. Kent Commuters are left in a difficult position

Services will  operate as normal between now and Thursday 23rd December and will operate on a Christmas timetable on Friday the 24th December which includes two earlier PM service options.

For details of their Christmas timetable, please click here

To apply for a ticket refund, please click here

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