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Margate burglar stole from relatives

A Margate burglar who stole from relatives has been jailed for two years and eight months.
Adam May, 25

Adam May, 25, of Osbourne Terrace appeared in court today, admits to stealing jewellery from a relatives property in Margate on February 4.

The defendant had then sold the jewellery on. He was sentenced for burglary and fraud at Canterbury Crown Court on November 20.
The Margate man stole sentimental jewellery worth more than £4,000 from his relatives then tried to pass it off as his own at a local pawnbrokers.
He was tracked down after Kent Police located the stolen items, as he used his bank card and jobseekers allowance letter to open an account at the shop to sell the jewellery for several hundred pounds.

Deceitful crime

 Investigating officer Detective Constable Steve East said: ‘May deliberately set out to deceive his victims and has shown he will stoop to the very lowest of levels in order to steal things that don’t belong to him, regardless of the consequences.

‘Thankfully we were able to return all of the stolen jewellery to the rightful owners and May has been given time in prison for his heartless actions.’