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Medway’s most dangerous places- ranked by violent and sexual crimes

Last year, Medway put in an application to gain illustrious ‘City status’ and would join Canterbury as a city in Kent.

However, latest figures from Kent Police show that almost 16,000 cases of violent or sexual crimes were reported.

Making up 42.39% of all crimes reported in the Medway area, from September 2020 to August 2021.

Here is a breakdown of the crimes, ranked by area from most to least reported cases.

1. Chatham Central

With nearly 1,800 cases reported in the 12-month period, Chatham Central leads the way.

The area recorded the most cases in the area, with 1,752 cases reported to Kent Police.

This made up 48% of all crime reported over the period.

2. River Medway

Around the mouth of the River Medway, 1,674 cases of violent or sexual crimes were reported in total.

Making up roughly a third of the crimes reported in this area at 37%.

3. Gillingham North

In third place is Gillingham North, with 1,627 reports over the year.

Over all this is adds up to 43% of all crimes in this area.

4. Gillingham South

Moving to the southern part of Gillingham doesn’t see much of an improvement as 1,617 cases were reported between September 2020 and August 2021.

The proportion of crimes is higher however, moving up to 48% of all crimes.

5. Luton and Wayfield

Across the other side of the A2 sees the a reduction in reports, with cases standing at 1,137.

Violent or sexual crimes remains the leading crime in the area with 47% of reports in Luton and Wayfield.

6. Strood South

Still firmly in the centre of Medway in sixth place in Strood South. with 978 cases.

This made up 45% of all crimes reported over the period.

7. Rochester West

Rochester West comes next with 956 cases of violence or sexual crime.

Again the most reported crime in the area, adding up to 46% of all reports.

8. Twydall

Stretching from Gillingham golf club down towards Rainham, Twydall had 735 cases reported.

These cases represented 45% of all of Twydall’s reported crime.

9. Strood North

The northern part of Strood town comes next with Kent police receiving 709 cases.

Over the period this made up 42% of the areas crime.

10. Peninsula

Rounding out the top 10 is the area of Peninsula.

The largest area in Medway recorded 591 cases of violent or sexual crime.

This was almost half of the crime reported in the area at 45%.

11. Rochester East

One of the most central areas of Medway comes next with 567 cases.

Rochester East had 44% of all crimes reported listed as a violent or sexual crime.

12. Strood Rural

Further away from the central Medway towns is Strood Rural with 563 reports.

These cases made up 40% of all crimes in the time period.

13. Rochester South and Horsted

Between September 2020 and August 2021, Rochester South and Horsted recorded 430 cases.

This made up a third of all crime reported in the area.

14. Rainham South

Rainham South had 393 cases of violent or sexual crimes reported.

Over the year this was 43% of all crime.

15. Watling

Lying more towards the centre of Medway, 364 cases were reported in Watling.

These cases made up 37% of all crime there.

16. Rainham North

Up towards the coast the area of Rainham North recorded 362 cases.

35% of all crime for this area of Medway were reported to be violent or sexual crimes.

17. Princes Park

333 reports or this type of crime came from Princes Park.

This made up the highest rate in Medway at 49% of all crimes.

18. Walderslade

Near the south area of the region is Walderslade.

The area had 325 cases over the period, making up 39% of Walderslade’s crime.

19. Lordswood and Capstone

Up next is Lordswood and Capstone.

The south region of Medway had 247 cases of violent or sexual crimes.

These cases made up 33% of all crime for this part of the region.

20. Rainham Central

Closing out the top 20 is Rainham Central.

The largely residential area had 239 cases, which made up 43% of total crime.

21. Cuxton and Halling

Cuxton and Halling reported one of the fewest overall cases of sexual or violent crime for Medway.

237 cases in the area were recorded over the year.

This was however, the leading crime reported taking up 43% of all crime.

22. Hempstead and Wigmore

Lastly, the area with the fewest cases was Hempsted and Wigmore.

124 cases were reported from September 2020-August 2021.

This still was the leading crime in the area at 29% of all reported crimes.