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Opinion: Was reopening a good idea?

Many health issues are constantly being formulated in the minds of  people, and most people are frustrated by  coronavirus.

The main quesition is: Was it a good idea to reopen everything in the UK?

I personally don’t see the problem with this. It is, of course, much less dangerous if people keep the distance and the  restrictions of the  number of shoppers. However, if people want to visit any enclosed area, restaurant, or cinema, they should be extra careful.

The problem may be that people will ignore the distance and other precautions that are still justified in our otherwise very understandable euphoria of opening and freedom.  An additional problem may be that the terraces may not be visited primarily by the vaccinated, but by the younger age group, which has a lower vaccination rate.

Credit: Robert Bye via Unsplash

Trouble can also result from a bunch of people coming together at a table, for example, whose members then blow cigarette smoke into each other’s faces. But if a couple have a coffee on a terrace, enjoying the freedom and spring, it wouldn’t be as dangerous as youngsters gathering. Like everything, this will be revealed in retrospect.


There is also information that tells vaccinees might be carrying the virus.
Vaccinations from Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen (J&J) have already been tested in this regard and very reassuring results have been obtained. The U.S. Epidemiological Authority, the CDC, published its own study on the subject, which involved about 4,000 patients in the study in a total of eight states. The researchers found that the first dose of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines had an 80 percent chance of protecting people from the new type of coronavirus infection, including asymptomatic cases. These vaccines have been shown to prevent asymptomatic spread.

In conclusion, it must be a relief for a lot of people, to be able to visit shops, beer gardens, cinemas, terraces, restaurants, but we must not forget about the danger of Coronavirus. Whether you are vaccinated, or had coronavirus, I still don’t think it is a guaranteed protection against the virus. People will have to continue to be extra careful so we can avoid the 5th wave of Covid 19.

Although it is currently not supported to travel, many people will go abroad this summer, which means they can easily bring the virus in to the country. People need to be aware of how easy it is to bring the virus in, and it can quickly spread.