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Petition launched in bid to save midwifery course at Canterbury university

A petition has been launched in a bid to save a local midwifery course in Kent.

A former midwife, Jessica Ryn, started the petition and says becoming a midwife was one the “hardest and best things” she’s ever done.

Canterbury Christ Church University’s (CCCU) Midwifery BSC course was stripped of its accreditation last week, leaving student on the course in limbo. Those who are currently studying it will not not receive an accreditation

This has sparked huge upset, leading to the creation of the petition, named ‘bring back CCCU’s midwifery BSC and save Kent’s maternity services’.

Ms Ryn shared the petition on social media on International Day of the Midwife, last Friday.

She writes: “Just days before the International Day of the Midwife the NMC has announced the removal of the Midwifery BSC programme with immediate effect.

“Third year students who are weeks away from qualifying and have given up careers, sacrificed time with their families and worked incredibly hard for long hours in our hospitals for no pay while ramping up debts are now at risk of not being able to finish their studies.

“The local hospitals will be made more unsafe as already-low staffing levels will be considerably worsened due to no new pool of newly qualified midwives.

“Even more midwives will leave due to burnout – many of whom would have worked throughout the pandemic mentoring these students.”

She goes on to describe the decision as “dangerous” adding it is “incredibly distressing for all involved”.

“We are asking that you reinstate the programme and work with the trust and university to make any needed changes,” she wrote.

“The decision you have made is dangerous and incredibly distressing for all involved, especially the local families who need to access maternity care from hospitals that will have even fewer resources.”

The petition currently has 1,861 signatures and needs 2,000 for a response to be considered.