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All you need to know about the Royal Mail strikes

Yet more Royal Mail strikes are on the cards due to the ongoing row over worker’s jobs, pay and conditions.

People are being urged when ordering deliveries to expect delays and to take much longer than usual.

Furthermore, ensure that you’re posting anything important before the dates below.

When are the strikes taking place?

  • 11, 14 and 15 December.
  • 24th and 25th of December

What will be affected?

  • Posting letters and parcels
  • Drop & Go
  • Travel money
  • Banking (cheque deposits)
  • Some identity services (e.g. paper form passport check)

Photo by Felicity Burrington


Can you pick deliveries up?

No. You also wont be able to go and collect your deliveries as post offices will be shut. They will carry on as normal the days not of the strikes.

If your deliveries aren’t with royal and with Evri, Amazon, DHL or any others then its best to check with them weather their still delivering as they still could possibly be affected.

If you are expecting to pick up a devilry whilst strikes are on people are being advised to keep checking when you will be able to collect it as time slots are likely to change.

If you have a delivery coming that is medical, special etc then ensure that you’re also updating the delivery status, as its still priority but likely it could still be affected.

Why is this happening?

First of all, Royal mail staff feel they need to go on strike because their hard work during the pandemic, putting their lives at risk and not being recognised by anybody.

They were key workers through out the whole of covid and never stopped working during the pandemic even when people were being urged to stay home.

Also with the amount of work load day in and day out causing postmen to feel overly stressed and taking on more work loads than they physically can.

Postal workers earn on average £22,460 per year on average and feel as if this is unfair too.

Video below of a post men trying to get his message across.

Credit: The Communication Workers’ Union Twitter 

So don’t be expecting Christmas cards and presents on time this year.