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Canterbury is set to freeze

By Lily Houston

As temperatures plummet this weekend, Canterbury City Council’s severe weather support project, SWEP, is in place and will be in place all weekend.

They have activated their Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) which is when the weather forecast shows the temperature is set to drop to 0 degrees centigrade or below for at least three consecutive days.


This involves the Council working with partner organisations including Porchlight, Catching Lives and Street Pastors, to react to reports of a rough sleeper by offering the person support, in the form of accommodation. Such as bed and breakfast or temporary housing.

To let the council know about a rough sleeper who you believe is in need of assistance, please call Catching Lives during the daytime on 07565 867091.

They urge people to give as much detail as possible about a rough sleeper that they feel may need help in this weather. The Council mention that some people do refuse help and there is not much anyone can do in that situation.