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The 10 best sports movies ever

From basketball to the beautiful game, sports have given us some of the best films around. Here are 10 of the best.

  1. Rocky III

The third instalment in the iconic franchise created by Sylvester Stallone. Rocky Balboa has become one of the most recognisable faces in the sport of boxing after beating Apollo Creed in their grudge match for the heavyweight championship of the world. He even went onto fight a professional wrestler Thunderlips played by Hulk Hogan.

Then comes Clubber Lang played by MR T who proved too much for the champ knocking him out in the first fight.

It got to the point when Rocky had to turn to a man who he’d battled twice to train him when one of the most important parts of the franchise Mickey passes away following a heart attack

 This movie brilliantly acted out by Mr T, Sylvester Stallone, Carl Weathers, Talia Shire and Tony Burton

One of the most incredible scenes is when Rocky and Adrian were talking on the beach and Rocky says “IM AFRAID”


9.Happy Gilmore

One of Adam Sandler’s most popular films, it follows Happy, a hockey player who started playing golf as a way to pay for his mother’s house. Whilst playing at the house two repossession  men were trying to hit a golf ball further.

When they bet Happy that he couldn’t hit the ball further than them, he hit the ball all the way through a window 3 blocks away.

Happy then went to the driving range where he bet people there that he could drive the ball longer than anybody.

That’s when he met Chubbs a golf professional who went into golf coaching when an aligator had bitten  off his hand during a tournament, he would then become Happy’s coach and become a golfing sensation.

At a tournament we met Shooter, a man who was already popular player on the tour who was sponsoring the event which qualifies players to compete with Shooter.

As the film progressed it became Shooter’s mission to get Happy off the tour which all came to ahead at the tour championship which went all the way to the last hole. Happy sinked a very impossible crazy golf style putt to win the tournament

One of the funniest movies of the 1990s which loudly promotes golf.

8.Fast Girls

The story of a British 4x100m relay team trying to win gold at the world athletics championships, Shania is a 200m runner who qualified for the world championships, after the worlds a coach for the 4×100 relay team picked her to run for the team which also consisted of one of her rivals in the 200m Lisa .

It took a while for the 200m girls to work together until a semi- final when at the end of the race when Lisa and Shania started fighting leading Shania to be kicked off the team.

One of the teams which beat them had been disqualified giving team GB a place in the world championship final but before the race Lisa and Shania patched things up become friends and had finished.

It all came down to the big final which the team won.

This was a brilliant movie which will make people laugh at times and is also wholesome as the team begins to come together to become gold medalists and world champions.


7.Here comes the boom

A hilarious compelling story which revolves around biology teacher Scott Voss trying to save his schools music programme from budget cuts.He needed to find a trainer which he did through a fighter who was a very successful in the world of Mixed Martial Arts who taught him how to fight in the cage.

Alongside that the trainer is trying to pass his US citizenship exams so Voss enlists the help of one of the members of his class.

Towards the end Scott Voss gets a fight in the UFC against a fighter who originally had a top 20 fight which didn’t happen. Voss would make his way to the cage with the music of the school orchestra being played in the background

In the final fight Voss was getting beaten big time through the first two rounds until the music teacher gave an inspirational speech, in the final round Voss started round and knocked him out when he was locked in an armbar.

A very funny film with an inspirational story to go with it.




6.Goal-The Dream begins

The story of  teen footballer Santiago Munez  from Los Angeles who wanted a dream of being a professional Footballer he was scouted by an english scout who gets him to move to England, where he ends up playing for Newcastle.

The story takes an emotional turn when he’s brought on to during a premier league game and scores with his dad watching the game at a pub in Newcastle

One sad moment was when Santiago’s dad dies and Newcastle’s manager came to console him leading to an important game at St James’ Park if Newcastle beat Liverpool they would play in Europe.

It all came down to the last kick of the game which was a free Kick which Santiago scored and booked a place in Europe for Newcastle United.



Based around true events from 1995, Invictus has a wholehearted feel through the whole production. From Morgan Freeman to Matt Damon Invictus follows two different stories from the story of the late Nelson Mandela to the story of the South African Rugby World Cup team winning their home tournament.

It is an amazing story with stellar performances by Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon who played the two main protagonists of the story, two men who are trying to bring their country together through their experiences. One whose country didn’t give their team hope to win the Webb Elis Cup and one man who tries to bring the country through his policies and experiences.


4.Space Jam 

Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny, the comedy with Basketball in-between. Michael Jordan who retired from playing in the NBA and now playing baseball in the minor leagues Jordan was enjoying his retirement. When in the animated world aliens from the planet Moron mountain turn up to the land of Looney Tunes and get challenged to a basketball game. 

The aliens then travel to an NBA game where they steal the talents of Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley and many other players so they were able to play the game.

The day of the game came and during the first half the Monstars took a huge lead and it looked like the Looney Tunes were gonna lose big time, until the second half came along which the Tune Squad dominated the third quarter.

Then Jordan and the Moron Mountain boss came to a deal. If the Tune Squad win, the NBA players get their talents back and Michael Jordan returns to the NBA and back to the Chicago Bulls who he played for and won 3 more titles.


3. Rush

The Story of one of the biggest rivalries in the history of Formula 1

Rush follows the story of James Hunt and Nicki Lauda two legends of open wheel racing from their days in Formula 3 to their season rivalry in the 1978 Formula 1 world championship. Based around the championship the movie also covered one of F1’s biggest moments, the crash at the Nurburgring during the race and the race meeting in which Nicki protested the German Grand Prix running to which all of the other drivers disagreed and the race went ahead.

As the true story it went down to the final race of the season which Nicki lost the championship by one point.

This movie is brilliant because it sticks to the story of the 1976 season and also shows the story between two legends of the sport.


2. Cool Runnings

The comedy based on true events of the 1988 Jamaican Bobsleigh team from the Calgary Olympic games, the story doesn’t just make people laugh their heads off, it also has an inspiring story.

The story is about 5 men Derice, Yule Brenner, Sanka and Junior. Three track and field athletes and a pushcart derby driver. Junior Yule Brenner and Derice were competing for a spot on the Jamaican Athletics team for the 1992 Olympics team in Barcelona when Junior tripped them up during the race.

Alongside the loads of laughs for example when Sanka was breathing the cold weather,Derice goes “Sanka what you smoking?” to which Sanka replies”I’m not smoking, Im breathing” and the most inspiring scenes in the film when the mirror scene in the bar ” I see pride, I see power, I see a bad a_ mutha who wont take no crap off of nobody”  and the scene where they lifted the bob across the line.


1. Coach Carter

The inspiring story from 2005 based on true events

The story follows Coach Ken Carter the owner of a sports goods store in Richmond, Virginia he takes up the offer of the head coaching job of Richmond High school. Originally Carter played for the team when he went to the school.

This time around he is the head coach and is trying to inspire his players not just to win a state championship but to also do well in their studies. To the point that to keep his team in the classroom he locked out the team from practice and from games.

The community voted for the lockout to end leading Carter to quit the team. That was until the players decided to knuckle down and work hard, the lockout and eventually made it to the State championship which they didn’t win and lost to the team that beat them in the movies first game.

This movie is inspirational from the teams first meeting to the final game.