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The most haunted pub in Canterbury

CCTV footage from Tyler’s Kiln pub has left the Canterbury public amazed following its upload last month.

Canterbury city is famous for its historic figures and world heritage sights. But one thing that will not be on the tours is one of Canterbury’s most haunted pubs. Tyler’s Kiln has caught the attention of the public and the media recently due to their ghostly activities that have been happening. 

In October 2019, Tylers Kiln pub released CCTV footage of a cup falling off of the shelves in the early mornings. Halloween night had a “boost” after the pub posted on their Facebook page, CCTV footage of a cup falling off of the shelf and smashing. This was posted “maybe about a month before halloween”. 

Tyler’s Kiln pub is based in Canterbury. In 2017 the pub released CCTV footage of the umbrellas opening, shadows passing the doors and the courtyard chairs sliding during an eventful summer. This caught the attention of the customers and the media industries.

LadBible picked up on the sightings straight away and posted “A ‘Ghost’ Is Putting The S**ts Up People At A Village Pub”. This post went viral and then other media organisations got involved. Allister Collins, owner of the Tyler’s Kiln pub stated that they “appeared in 2000 articles”. 

One of the scariest stories that Allister shared was when the cleaner was at the front of  the property “by the front door” and she noticed something out of the corner of her eye and saw a “black or dark figure crawling on all fours towards the bar”. The cleaner was absolutely “petrified”. 

Allister also mentions how he did not believe in ghosts until he “witnessed glasses smashing” making it “very difficult not to believe”.

One night in the ‘snug’, the CCTV caught on camera, a cushion which “came up in the air” and then “suspended for maybe half a second before being projected forwards, ending up on the floor”. This can be seen in the video above. 

The pub held one of their Paranormal Investigations with TV Psychic Charlotte Clark on Thursday, April 18, 2009. It cost £35.95 per person and it sold out quickly! Follow their Facebook page to keep up with any other upcoming events. 

“Most people are here because they know us for our food and the ghost is just an added extra”. 

Do you believe in ghosts?

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