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Who is Joe Wicks and why has he taken lockdown by storm?

Joe Wicks, otherwise known as The Body Coach, has taken the world by storm during lockdown.

With 2.33 million subscribers on Youtube, Wicks has become the nation’s favourite health and fitness coach since the launch of his PE lessons during lockdown.

I’m going to be your PE teacher for the nation.

Joe Wicks’ attempt to keep the nation’s children fit during the coronavirus crisis got off to flying start back in March, with his first workout reaching an incredible 800,000 streams at one point. The fitness instructor announced on his Youtube channel that he was going to offer free live exercise classes for children following the closure of schools due to lockdown.

At the start of his first session Wicks said: “I’m going to be your PE teacher for the nation. I’m a man on a mission.”

Joe Wicks is not technically a PE teacher, however he has been a personal trainer for five years and has a 1st class Sports Science degree. Wicks certainly knows what he is talking about.



The Telegraph said Wicks wanted to be “the Jamie Oliver of kids fitness” as he has big plans to get the country’s children moving. The fitness classes are so that children still have their PE lessons from home during lockdown, starting at 9am every morning.

Wicks is aware that people of all ages and abilities have been taking part in his online PE sessions, with the sessions not only being aimed at children but for their parents and other family members too.

‘PE With Joe’ has even managed to raise money for the NHS as well as keeping families fit across the country, raising a huge £91,000 for the National Health Service during the Corona Virus Pandemic. Wicks donated all of the advertising revenue generated from his workouts to this amazing cause.

Not only has Joe Wicks been encouraging fitness daily for children and their households, he has appeared several times on ITV’s This Morning promoting healthy snacks and meals. With boredom and snacking being associated, this is another element of The Body Coach’s tips that has been favoured during lockdown.

In an interview with Men’s Health, Wicks said: “Now I’ve got kids of my own, fitness has become even more important to me now that exercise is part of their life.

“What you’re seeing now is a long, four-year journey with schools that’s only just coming to light because of the current situation. It probably would have taken me ten years to achieve this at any other time. So, I have to use it. I want this to be my legacy.

“When I’ve stopped doing workouts and YouTube videos, I want this content that I’ve created to be used in schools all around the world. This is what I want to be remembered for.”

So whether you’re young or old, get involved for free to keep fit and healthy during lockdown!

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