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Canterbury students protest for educational freedom

Astor College, Canterbury Academy and Canterbury College students joined forces with Canterbury Christ Church University politics and international relations lecturer Tom Sharkey in a protest of equity not equality within the education system.

The protest around the Canterbury Christ Church University helps the students get the message out of educational freedom.

Elif Altun, a sixth form student, said: “We picked the location of Canterbury Christ Church University as it seems like really diverse and welcoming area and reflects our message and everyone in this room.”

Canterbury Christ Church University formally known as Canterbury Christ Church college (CCCC) was founded in 1962 by the Church of England, when there was a teacher shortage within church schools. Classes were based next to St Martin’s Church.

CCCU is actively known from its history of being a teaching college, so to start spreading their message where teaching is formally taught is very meaningful.

Charlotte Brown, a student alumnus of CCCU, shares the students’ concerns.

She said: “The students here are not happy with how the UK government has formed education systems. and they would like more freedom on how they are assessed, what subjects they want to study, and the subjects covered.”

She also explained how the students are upset about “the education system not being changed since it was created from the church and over time the government have just taken it over, they should change with the modern time.”

Featured image credit – Brittany Tijou